Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Re-Presentation - The way the media presents 'something' as though it were real. It is not real, merely a copy of something.
Signs and Signifiers -
A sign is something which communicates a piece of information.
A signifier is the multiple 'ideas' or 'feelings' behind a sign.
All signs belong to certain cultures; different cultures recognise different signs.

When asked to draw 'a house on a sunny day with a tree in the garden and a number from 1 to 10',pretty much everyone drew similar to this picture. This is because when asked to draw this, these are the imediate signs we picture in our head. This could differ between cultures.

Gatekeepers - These are the people in charge of what we see. They decide every single detail of what is shown on our screens, so the character is represented in a way in which the audience can understand.
Ideology - A belief system; a set of ideas which the makers of programmes might want to put across.
  Mise en Scene:
 Camera Angles. Props. Setting. Lighting. Acting.

Where is film set? 
From watching the opening scenes of the film you can see that it is set in a school. Looking in more detail you can see that it is most likely an all boys private school, which is religious and in America. You can also see from the name of the school that it is most likely a successful one, since it produces connotations of success with its direct link to Mount Rushmore. We deduct this from certain clues by looking at the Mise en scene, such as the uniform they wear and the classroom setting.

Describe the main characters personality.
Immediatley the main character comes across as very smug. He thinks highly of himself and in his daydream he is the person everyone loves.He appears to be good at maths and seems to want to be appreciated by people his own age, even though he thinks he is above them. 
What is he excellent at?
In his dream he is excellent at maths, especially algebra which he solves without even trying.
How do others view him?
In his dream the others consider him a hero, whereas in reality he comes across as the opposite of this.
How was he dressed?
He was dressed in the standard school uniform that gave us a clue about his school, but he is dressed in a blazer so comes across as having more pride in his school appearance than most.

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