Thursday, 16 September 2010

Film AS Preliminary Task

For the task we had to film and edit a character walking through, crossing a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character, with whom she then exchanges dialogue with. The key shots we had to include were long shot, a medium shot, over the shoulder, close-up and shot reverse shot. We also had to keep within the 180 degrees rule. To start with we designed a storyboard of the film, where we had to write all the information about each shot individually, we then swapped the storyboards around so we could film a storyboard from scratch to see how important having a detailed storyboard is to the filming process.

We filmed according to the storyboard we had been given, I filmed the close-up of megans feet and also some of the shots of Megan and Izzy's conversation. We found that a detailed storyboard was really important, otherwise filming becomes more difficult and it is much harder to create the desired film. Also we had to film with a camera that faded, we had to work around this to make sure none of the shots were fading as the clip started or ended as this would have led to the film not flowing.
We edited our film by importing it on to imovie and cutting it and adding a scream at the beginning, as this was part of the storyboard. I edited some of the conversation and also some of the door opening. The strengths were using the camera and quickly learning how to use the editing software, but the weaknesses were that we had to film some shots again because of breaking the 180 degree rule and filming the over the shoulder shots from the wrong side.

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