Thursday, 23 September 2010

AS Preliminary Magazine Task

Pre-production: We were set the task of creating a school magazine cover and contents page. We were told it had to include a mid shot of someone, a masthead and various cover lines. To start off with we looked at magazines and how they had been put together and then we were left to design our own. I came up with the idea for my magazine after thinking about how although school issues are not particularly interesting to students, other aspects might be. I thought the name would appeal to audiences in an ironic way. Because it's a school magazine, I took the idea of geeks being associated with school as inspiration however the magazine isn’t aimed at a 'geeky' demographic. Here is my final plan of my school magazine:

I chose the title as it seemed appropriate for school; however I felt it would appeal more to students. I initially planned to use a monotone colour scheme as I felt it would link into the concept of the magazine; however I found that this just made it look boring so I chose to add blue to my palette. I based my cover lines around what the magazine was about, something that concentrates mainly on other aspects of school rather than lessons. The main shot of Izzy wearing 'geek' glasses was inspired by the title. It had to be a mid shot of just one person so we were limited with what we could do.

The contents needed to be interesting and contain numerous pictures so I collected different shots of Izzy, involving her reading and other things. I labelled on the mock up the colours I planned to use, I wanted to follow the colour scheme of the front cover and make it eye catching. The contents will contain page references to articles in the magazine and where to find them as well as additional information.

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