Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Working Title Productions

  • Working Title is a British film company based in London.
  • Co-Chairpersons: Tim Bevan, Erin Fellner
  • Established: 1984
  • They only employ 42 full time staff, split between Working Title and its subsidiary company.
  • Subsidiary company - Working Title 2, established in 1999 and run by Natasha Wharton. WT2 is a smaller low budget film brand that appeals to a more niche audience. They have more independence as they aren't contracted by Universal. 
  • Taken over by Polygram in 1999, which is now Universal. They have a 67% stake in the company. Remaining shares are owned by company founders, BBC films and private investors. On the take over by Universal Bevan said 'we spent much less time on finding the money and much more on developing decent scripts' . 
  • Working Title's Philosophy: 'to make films for a audience - by that I mean play in a multiplex. We totally believe this because we know it is the only hope we have of sustaining the UK film industry' 
  • 85 of working Title's films have grossed over a $4 billion profit worldwide. 
  • They pride themselves on producing a wide range of genres in their films, they have also recently branched out into theatre; producing Billy Elliot: The  Musical.
  • They pride themselves on keeping good relations with the people they work with, often re-using  people. They are well known to work with Directors Richard Curtis and the Coen Brothers, and Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson and Romantic comedy film star Hugh Grant. 
  • They have a good record for launching new talent, such as Director Shekkar Kapur.
  • On average, they make around 4 films a year 
  • Working Title often post live blogs on their website to keep fans up to date with the latest films in Production: http://www.workingtitlefilms.com/films

Notable Films:
Love, Actually
About a Boy
Bridget Jones' Diary
Pride and Prejudice 
Hot Fuzz 

    A Working Title Film Fact Sheet - Atonement:

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