Thursday, 7 October 2010

Viewing Habits Questionnaire

We did a questionnaire in class asking eleven different people questions about their viewing habits and thoughts. I worked in a pair with Izzy and our results were: Audience Viewing Habits

Looking at theour results we found that almost everyone was unaffected by whethere the film was American or British however you can see that everyone watches more American films. This could be because of how vast the American film market is or to do with the type of films they produce. You can see that most people watch films because of the advertisment or 'hype' surrouding them, making us want to see them more, however this isnt always the case. We found that nobody just downloaded films onto their computer to watch; they instead prefer to stream if they do watch films online. Most people watch film trailers online before the film is released which shows the impact the internet has had on the marketing of films.

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