Saturday, 23 October 2010

Marjorie Ferguson (1980's)

She identified 4 types of facial expressions on magazine covers:

Chocolate Box:

  • Half/full smile
  • Lips together/ Slightly parted
  • Full/ Three- quarters of face to the camera
  • The chocolate box look is blandly pleasing, the uniformity of beauty and devoid of uniqueness.

  • Emphasis on the eyes
  • Mouth shut with hint of a smile
  • Head to one side or looking back to the camera
  • The invitational look has emphasis on the eyes, mouth shut with a hint of a smile, and head  to one side or looking back to the camera.


  • Full face
  • Wide open, toothy smile
  • Head thrusts forward or chin thrown back
  • Hair often wind blown
  •  The super smiler look is often aggressive, with a look at me attitude.

  • Includes male/female 'two somes'
  • Dreamy
  • Heavy lidded
  • Overtly sensual/sexual
  • This look shows possible or definite availability

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