Saturday, 23 October 2010

Trevor Millum (1990's)

  • Cool/level
  • Eyes less wide
  • Expression is less reserved but still self-confident
  • This is very similar to Ferguson’s invitational pose, however there is less focus on the positioning of the face and its angles. 

  • Nymph like
  • Active
  • Healthy
  • Vibrant
  • Outdoor girl
  • Often smiling/grinning

  • Concentrating
  • Engaged in business in hand
  • Mouth closed
  • Eyes object directed
  • Sometimes a slight frown
  • Hair often tied back or short style 

  • Deliberately ridiculous
  •  Exaggerated
  • Acting the fool
  • Pulling faces

  • A neutral look as of a dummy, artificial, wax like 
  • Features may be in any position - but most likely to be with eyes wide open and a smile
  • Looks remain vacant and empty with personality removed

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